The Canadian Podiatric Education Foundation Grants

Research grants are awarded with the maximum amount of funding of $2,000 grants. The CPEF may provide one or more grants each year to selected Applicants for student research projects. The award recipients will be chosen by the CPEF. No single grant award will exceed $2000.

Grants are paid in two equal installments: one in advance, the other upon completion of the research program requirements. Unutilized funds are to be returned to Canadian Podiatric Education Foundation.

Grant Schedule

Applicant Submission by March 1, 2017
Grant Decisions and awards April, 2017
Applications may be obtained online at or by email


Eligible Research Projects

The CPEF Research Grant Program is designed specifically to aid Canadian researchers or research being done in Canada to investigate podiatric medical problems. Research projects that will be considered are: biomedical, health services and other projects related to podiatric medicine that are designed to increase understanding of the processes underlying the functions, pathology and care of the lower extremity, and acquisition of new knowledge to help prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat disabilities and diseases of the lower extremities.

This research is expected to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge and/or professional literature pertaining particularly to Canada.

Application Instruction

A discussion of the aims and relevance of the proposed research project must be attached to this application in sufficient detail for evaluation by the Canadian Podiatric Education Foundation.

Application Requirements

1. Eligibility

The CPEF Research Grant Program is open to Canadian citizens or permanent resident who are in:

  1. Podiatric Medical School
  2. Post doctoral Podiatric Programs or Residencies

Applicants must be

  1. In good standing in their podiatric medical education program
  2. Are required to have a Research Advisor.

The Research Advisor will be solely responsible for all financial concerns related to the CPEF Grant. The Research Advisor will receive the grant from the CPEF and will be responsible should the terms of the grant not be fulfilled.

The following application components are required:

In addition, all applications related to research on human subjects must have institutional approval by the PI's college of podiatric medicine in compliance with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services before funding is dispersed.

2. Budget Proposal

Each applicant must complete all components of the application including budgetary data and cost justification. The review panel should clearly understand how the applicant has constructed the proposed costs and how they are relevant to the study.

3. Accountability and Reporting